HIE Rundown 6-10-16

HIE Weekly RundownHealth Information Exchange (HIE) is happening every minute of every day. Your personal health information is moving and being viewed to improve the quality of your healthcare and lower the costs. The job will not be complete until all health records are digital and interoperable. Here’s what’s happening to make that reality.

The ONC Annual Meeting
Two days of the meeting was filled with ONC and interoperability discussions. See our story on days 1 and 2. New ONC (@ONC_HealthIT)  and AHA survey findings  were released stating that nearly all of the nation’s hospitals have adopted certified electronic health records (EHRs).

TCN Launches “VocalRx,” an Automated Patient Engagement Platform to Enhance Revenue Cycle Efficiency for Healthcare Provider
TCN, Inc. (@tcn), a provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide, announced the launch of “VocalRx,” a cloud-based automated patient engagement platform that offers a suite of contact center tools to save time and improve revenue cycle efficiency for healthcare providers. Built on TCN’s flagship contact center technology, Platform 3.0, VocalRx provides healthcare practitioners and hospital collectors with various automated notification tools to communicate with their patients efficiently and cost-effectively while increasing revenue.

AMA and Other Medical Societies Call for a Change in Interoperability Measurements
The American Medical Association (@AmerMedicalAssn) and 36 specialty medical associations urged the Administration to rethink the way it measures the interoperability of electronic health records. The coalition of physician and medical organizations believes the current direction will require physicians to spend too much time meeting measures that will do little to make electronic health records valuable to patients and medical practices.

Diasend Collaborates with Abbott to Simplify Diabetes Data Management
Diasend (@diasend) takes a new innovative leap in its mission to simplify life with diabetes for both patients and health care providers by adding yet another notable cloud-to-cloud connection. In collaboration with the diabetes care business of Abbott, the global healthcare company, Diasend now introduces seamless integration using the mobile application LibreLink*, designed for the FreeStyle® Libre flash glucose monitoring system.

Digital Health Startup Aims to Transform Healthcare with Family Based Social Platform
ICmed, LLC (@ICmedonline) has released a new family-centric, social media platform aimed at empowering families to control their own healthcare information to improve outcomes and quality of life. The company has taken the concept of a static family genealogy and medical history and transformed it into a dynamic family centered sharing capability, harnessing the power of the family social network to support loved ones and improve family health and well-being.

DirectTrust Launches Partnership for Patients Program
DirectTrust (@DirectTrustorgannounced the launch of Partnership for Patients Program (P4PP), an initiative that will make it easier for patients and health care consumers to securely share personal health information with medical professionals at hospitals, offices, clinics and other locations via secure email. DirectTrust is a non-profit health care industry alliance created by and for participants in the Direct exchange network used for secure, interoperable exchange of personal health information (PHI) between provider organizations, and between provider and patients, for the purpose of improved care coordination.

Dr. Karen DeSalvo and Other National Healthcare Information Technology Leaders Spoke at Connecting Michigan for Health Conference
The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) announced the addition of Dr. Karen DeSalvo of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as well as Carla Smith and Tom Leary of the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in a special general luncheon session on Thursday, June 9: “A Conversation with the ONC and HIMSS North America on Public Policy.” The speakers discussed solutions for building community-based solutions to connect for public health, as a follow-up to Dr. DeSalvo’s special evening session held at the conference the evening of Wednesday June 8.

EngagedMedia Issued Latest U.S. Patent
Digital Health Dialog, LLC dba EngagedMedia announced the issuance to it by the US Patent and Trademark Office of U.S. Patent No. 9,218,608. The company’s technology includes proprietary processes for electronic opt-­in and processing of discount coupons and claims for health and wellness programs, HIPAA compliance and otherwise.