HIE Rundown 12-30-16

HIE-200Health Information Exchange (HIE) is happening every minute of every day. Your personal health information is moving and being viewed to improve the quality of your healthcare and lower the costs. The job will not be complete until all health records are digital and interoperable. Here’s what’s happening to make that reality.

Connectivity and Collaboration to Advance Interoperability Agreement
CommonWell Health Alliance (@CommonWell) and Carequality (@CarequalityNet) announced an agreement to increase health IT connectivity nationwide. The agreement provides additional health data sharing options to a broad range of stakeholders across healthcare.

Sequoia Project forming Patient Identity Matching Workgroup
The Sequoia Project (@sequoiaproject), which operates eHealth Exchange, a national health information network, is calling on industry stakeholders along with policy and technical experts to join a new workgroup to find ways to improve and better standardize patient identity matching without using a national patient identification number.

MIN-NS to provide the US Department of Defense with integrated Health Information Exchange (HIE) Portal
MIN-NS, a provider of integrated patient records and healthcare IT managed services, that forms a community record of care in their region, announced a new multi-year partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense will create and support a common community source of patient data portal that will be accessible in any clinic or hospital within the DoD system regardless of location within, the U.S. or around the globe.

Health IT Industry Makes Strides Toward Interoperability
The Sequoia Project (@sequoiaprojectreports that at the HIMSS-produced Connected Health Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, some of those signees staged a live demonstration of interoperability by pulling in medication lists for individual patients from multiple sources. Representatives from New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Trinity Health joined with vendors Epic Systems and Cerner to show how the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard facilitated data sharing.

New Secure Data Exchange from SecureDx.net Protects Electronic & Cloud Messaging and Communications
SecureDx.net has announced a new product, Secure Data Exchange (SDE) that provides what’s been missing with other message security systems. For example, Cloud messages are used in patient/physician PHI (Patient Health Information) exchanges. These interactions are typically achieved using unsecure email notifications and data access links to cloud, which present an easy target for intrusive hackers.

DirectTrust Directory Service Reaches Critical Mass as Directory Surpasses Half a Million Entries
DirectTrust (@DirectTrustorgannounced that its Directory Service has reached critical mass as the Directory now exceeds 500,000 entries for individual clinicians and healthcare organizations. These entries include Direct addresses, Provider physical addresses and other useful information such as specialty information and National Provider Identifiers (NPI).