DirectShifts Waives All Fees For Clinician Staffing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As hospitals around the nation prepare for the inevitable rise of coronavirus cases, the need to address staffing challenges as quickly as possible is crucial. While the United States strives to control the pandemic, hospitals are preparing for a massive demand spike. In view of this, DirectShifts (@directshifts) is offering all employers who sign with the company, one full month of no fees and at-cost clinician staffing. This is our contribution to help employers control costs during this emergency and reward clinicians for their services. To learn more about how to utilize the large pool of clinicians on our platform or become part of the clinicians pool to serve the need of the hour, please log into or send us an email at

In 2019, the Association of American Medical Colleges estimated a shortage of about 122,000 physicians by 2032. This shortage will only be exacerbated by our current national emergency. We at DirectShifts, an online AI-based recruiting and staffing platform, are committed to assisting hospitals meet this high demand. Our online platform can help cut down the time to recruit and save health systems up to 50% in short-term staffing costs.

The need of the hour is healthy staffing pipelines and processes to prepare for increased patient volumes and scheduling gaps due to sick employees. Traditional methods to find the right clinician for the right job at the right time will not be effective now. DirectShifts can help you meet the need by leveraging technology to match providers to the right job in all settings: inpatient, outpatient, and telehealth. For example, DirectShifts is already helping a large health system in California augment their primary care providers staffing and hospitals in New York to increase their ER physicians staffing.

If you have a need to hire clinicians quickly, please send us an email at